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  • Mabon: Lumps of Mabon (2001)

    Mabon's first full album, featuring the original, acoustic, four-piece line-up: Jamie Smith, Gareth Whelan, Derek Smith and Iolo Whelan. Now out of print - a collector's item!
  • Sanfaro: Colour it Purple (2004)

    The only album by Sanfaro, a four-piece pop/rock band featuring the work of singer-songwriters Colum Regan and Kerry Sanson.
  • Colum Regan: Go (2006)

    Colum Regan’s debut Solo Album, well-received by critics and public alike. An expansive, dramatic journey of an album: powerful songs fully exploited.

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  • Mabon: OK Pewter (2007)

    A much-loved album that brought Mabon to the attention of a wider audience, OK Pewter features several of the band’s most popular tunes and showcases a tight, disciplined unit with a creative, joyful flair.

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  • Billy Pezzack: Your Blue Sky (2010)

    "Billy's playing is inventive and adventurous with a loose spontaneous feel"
    Shaun Baxter, Jazz metal pioneer.

    Cardiff-based guitar virtuoso Billy Pezzack explores a collection of his own compositions: jazz, blues, rock and beyond.

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  • Mabon: Live at the Grand Pavilion (2010)

    "Stunning - music of five-star quality and studio crisp"
    R2(Rock n Reel) Magazine

    "The band rips up a firestorm on a selection of clever tunes. Roots music of the highest order"
    Acoustic Magazine

    Award-winning, highly praised album recorded on Mabon's OKUK Tour in 2009. Includes a bonus DVD of a separate concert filmed on the same tour.

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  • Mabon: Windblown (2012)

    Mabon’s fifth full album, and the first to feature songs - including ‘Caru Pum Merch’ for which I wrote the lyrics - alongside the instrumental music for which the band first became renowned.

    “Smith is at his best singing in Welsh on the brooding, then epic, Caru Pum Merch” Guardian

    “thrilling as a live experience… Windblown makes a fair fist of bottling the magic” Financial Times

    “a top band…a terrific album…a band on the brink of bigger things” Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

    “a confident, breezy, joyous album… step up, it’s well worth buying”
  • Mabon: TWENTY - LIVE

    Mabon’s last CD is a live retrospective album - a glance through two decades of music making, recording in spring 208.

    “bursting with hwyl’ - Guardian

    ‘a sweet spot between traditional and electric’ - Living Tradition

    ‘a glorious, celebratory resume of two decades’ -
  • Huw M: Utica (2015)

    Utica is Huw M’s third album – his first on the I Ka Ching label.

    For this release, Huw blends early gospel influence with Welsh folk, and a good dollop of poignancy, melancholy and heartbreak. Very jolly stuff.

    Featured on Radio 1, Radio 3, Radio 6 Music, Radio Cymru, Radio Wales.

    Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1
    “His new album is beautiful”

    Gareth James, Clash (8/10)
    The rich songwriting of Huw M’s Utica deserves a much wider audience.

    Max Bell, Record Collector ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Delicate and original and packed to the rafters with gorgeous melodies and intriguing words.

  • Mabon: The Space Between

    Mabon’s last studio album, including songs in Welsh and in English, as well as the instrumental epics for which the band was originally renowned.

    ‘with its broad reach, this album is a welcome addition to the catalogue... unmatched by their peers - Songlines

    ‘a very strong album’ - The Telegraph - Best Folk Albums 2016

    ‘superb band... superb tunes’ - The Express

    ‘an excellent release - you won’t be disappointed’ - Fatea

    ‘eclectic tunes and virtuoso playing - an album of solid talent’ - Bright Young Folk
  • Colum Regan: Hotel (2011)

    "Songs don’t get any better than that"
    Alan Thompson, BBC Radio Wales

    A step towards a more contemplative, acoustic sound, Colum's newest album lets artful songwriting and soulful performance come to the fore.

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  • Kadesha: Take One (2010)

    A young, talented singer-songwriter at the outset of her career: an extraordinarily beautiful voice.

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  • The Howl in Arcadia: The Howl in Arcadia (2008)

    "An outrageous concept - and it works... terrifying virtuosity... this is what opera should be."
    Classical Music Fortnightly

    A Dark Jazz/Baroque Opera Radio Play by Simon Thorne. Six virtuoso musicians explore the sinister side of human nature.

  • The Cherubs: To Those Born Later (2008)

    "Alex Alderton can belt with the best of them. But... there's exquisite delicacy here too. You can't help but feel what she is singing about"

    Dark, passionate, meaningful songs, from Bertold Brecht to contemporary composer Simon Thorne. Songs to search your soul by.

  • Kerry Sanson: Black Dog (2006)

    Kerry Sanson's soulful voice powers this diverse collection of her own songs and collaborations.
  • Mabon: Ridiculous Thinkers (2004)

    The first Mabon album to include an expanded line-up, Ridiculous Thinkers features the four original band members as well as Mabon's first bass player, Jason Rogers.

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