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  • 2022-11-22: A VERY LOVELY YEAR

    2022 has been a smashing year, rich with different projects. There’s been shows with my regular bands, one-off collaborations, depping galore, plenty of BVs and even some lead vocals.

    Look out for a gorgeous new album from Nancy Ackroyd Band in the spring; a guest appearance on percussion in some new Codewalkers music videos; and check the videos just dropped on this website from Nancy and more recently from Coltrane Dedication live this autumn.

    It’s still so delightful to be teaching face-to-face at the studio after the covid disruption - and my students are amazing, growing in musicality and going from strength to strength.

    I’ll populate the gigs page on this website soon (honest!) for those of you asking where you can hear me play. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm as ever.


  • 2021-07-30: LIVE MUSIC IS BACK!

    After fifteen months without playing live music, it's been a genuine thrill to see friends and colleagues again, and to start out along the road to a fuller gig life.

    I won't get all existential on y'all right here, but it's been tough - I've really missed playing live.

    Some of my regular gigs are back;
    there are some rarer performances in the pipeline;
    and even a new project that came to fruition during lockdown.

    So if you want to know how much I'm enjoying being back on stage, come and see for yourself! :-D

    Thanks for your support across this difficult time - I'm really looking forward to seeing you out and about, enjoying proper concerts again!


  • 2020-05-07: TIME TO TAKE A BREATH

    For the first time in decades, my drums are staying silent for a while.

    All my live work this spring and summer has been cancelled or postponed;
    on the plus side, I've never spent so much time with my daughter;
    and the downstairs loo is going to look dead posh by the time we're all allowed out again. ;-)

    If you're missing hearing the bands I work with, check the videos page on this website, and fill your boots with past shows.

    The Studio is currently closed too of course - but online lessons are still available if you fancy giving your own drumming a nudge.

    I'm mainly using this chance to breathe; to reflect; and to plan future adventures. I hope to share them with you one day.

    Meantime, stay well;
    and my heartfelt thanks to you all for your support of my gigging and teaching across the past years. xx

  • 2018-04-21: Bear with me, update incoming!

    Sorry there are no gigs, videos, discography or current news on this website for now - it's having a slightly overdue overhaul, and Newer Stuff will appear soon. :-)

  • 2017-01-11: Happy New Year!

    I'd love to say "New year, new horizons!", but I'd be lying - my 2017 will mostly consist of doing the same stuff as last year, but *better*! :-D

    I'll be touring and festivalling with the inimitable, indefatiguable Jamie Smith's MABON and with the brilliant Huw M and his gorgeous band; I'll be popping up around Cardiff and beyond with Goose; PULL; and Jammie and the Dodgers; and I'll be guiding my amazing students along their drumming paths at Vale Drum Studio.

    So I'm happy to be doing the same things, and striving to do them better! To that end, I'm taking a next step forward in my own musical development with expert tutors both in drums and in the Alexander Technique; and working to develop my own business practice and in particular, the facilities at the Studio.

    Oh, there is one new thing for 2017, namely a singing, swinging, jazz-and-grooving five-piece function band: it'll be a great focus for playing regular jazz, as well as a chance to collaborate more closely with yet another bunch of smashing musicians.

    So bring on 2017 - hope to see you during the year!

  • 2015-05-04: The Big Bash 2015 - what an amazing weekend!

    In April this year, I celebrated a big birthday by playing the drums for 40 hours non-stop. The event was supported by a huge number of musicians, volunteers and helpers, and as well as having a fantastic time, we raised over £8,000 for the charity WaterAid.

    Here's a huge thanks to everyone who gave so generously of their time and talents, and to everyone who donated. You'll be able to see some highlights of The Big Bash very soon on the 'videos' link above.

    In other news:
    - I'll be touring with my Celtic music band, Jamie Smith's MABON, this October/November to launch our new album 'The Space Between';
    - The Welsh singer-songwriter 'Huw M' is releasing his new album this autumn too, and there will be tour dates around Wales and ENglans in December;
    - In the meantime, I'll be attempting to finish the new room at the drum studio this summer - honest!

    That should keep me busy! Do have a look at the 'gigs' page above if you fancy checking out a concert at some point. Bye for now!

  • 2015-01-13: An exciting 2015 in store

    It's looking like an action-packed year ahead!

    There'll be a new album from Jamie Smith's MABON;
    I'll be appearing on a new album by singer-songwriter Huw M;
    I'm hoping to finish extending the studio and start using the new room (!);
    I'll be gigging at several new destinations, including Romania, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Isles;
    And most dramatically of all, **THE BIG BASH IS BACK!**

    In April 2015, I'll be attempting to play drums for 40 hours to raise money for WaterAid. There'll be jazz jamming; students drumming; an open percussion workshop; drum duets and a grand drum battle; Saturday night bands 'Goose' and 'Miss Maud's Folly'; teas, coffees, cakes, pies, beer, wine, facepainting... you get the picture!

    Details of The Big Bash 2015 coming soon - watch this space! Or feel free to send me an email if you're keen to know more or want to take part.

  • 2014-05-22: SUMMER SEASON!

    The summer festival season has already started with some lovely gigs in England and Wales. Forthcoming concerts also include the Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo; the mighty Fete de Cornouailles in Quimper; a headline show at the Welsh Proms' first ever 'Festival of Folk'; and a pile of gigs around the uk and Europe. Check the 'gigs' page here and come and catch a show!

    I'll also be maintaining a regular teaching timetable throughout this summer holiday - mostly every Monday and Tuesday - so you can still get your lessons in!

    And in the limited gaps between teaching, travelling and family time, I'll be trying to finish the structural work in the studio extension - mind you, I did say that last summer too! ;)

  • 2013-06-26: Summer season starts

    The summer festival season has already started, with some lovely gigs in England, Wales, Sardinia and the Netherlands under the belt already. Forthcoming concerts also include Festival Interceltique de Lorient in Brittany, and the mighty Cambridge Folk Festival - details on the 'gigs' page.

    I'll also be offering a regular, limited timetable this summer, mostly every Monday and Tuesday throughout the holidays, so you can still get your lessons in!

    And in the limited gaps between teaching and travelling, I'll be trying to finish the structural work in the studio extension - fingers crossed!

    Enjoy the summer... :)

  • 2013-02-27: Spring is in the air...

    After a highly successful launch tour and much critical acclaim for the new album 'Windblown' by Jamie Smith's MABON, the band is out and about again throughout March 2013 for the 'Windblown Tour Part 2', performing at arts centres and theatres around England and Wales.

    Airplay of the album has included BBC Radio 2 & 3 and dozens of regional stations; reviewers and fans alike have been loving the new music... see the 'gigs' page or the band's website for concert details, and come and catch this dynamic, world-class act at a venue near you!
    "epic" - The Guardian
    "fur coat *and* knickers" - fRoots
    "if music could power engines, Mabon would solve the energy crisis" - Songlines

  • 2012-10-09: **New Album!**

    I'm very pleased to announce that the eagerly anticipated new studio album from Jamie Smith's MABON has been completed and manufactured, ready for release on October 29th.

    'Windblown' has made up a substantial chunk of my artistic efforts this year, and I'm eager to get it out into the wide world - early indications point to a very positive response.

    You can download a FREE single from the album, 'Lady of the Woods', or of course, order your copy, at .

    The local launch gig, also FREE, will be in Wales Millennium Centre on Sunday November 4th, at the family-friendly time of 4pm. I'd be delighted to see you there!

  • 2012-05-13: Zillo Conference

    It was a great pleasure to take part yesterday in the Zillo Conference at the Roundhouse in St Hilary, south Wales.

    Zillo is an acoustic/electronic/improvised music collective under the creative leadership of bass player Jason Rogers: the Zillo Conference consisted of five inventive and open-minded musicians getting together in a most beautiful space (along with a ridiculous amount of equipment and a passing genius producer!), to play, develop, improvise and record.

    The day's recorded output is being mixed soon and will be released on the Zillo label. Here's hoping for more of that vibe again soon!

  • 2012-03-26: Variety is the spice of (a musician's) life!

    After focussing intently on the JSMabon Spring Tour for the last three weeks, my diary opens out to include gigs with seven different bands over the course of the next month. From irreverent covers with Goose to freefrom jazz with Coltrane Dedication Project, this month sees a flurry of different gigs to keep me on my toes.

    There's one band on the list which I've never played with before, namely Lou Noble & The Sauce: we'll play in Cardiff's Burlesque Festival next week, and I'm looking forward to being a part of The Sauce for the first time!

  • 2012-03-01: Spring Tour for JSMabon

    Next week sees the renowned band Jamie Smith's MABON take to the road for ten gigs in arts centres, theatres and town halls around England and Wales. The band will be working on, and showcasing, material for the forthcoming album, which we will record in April and July, and release this Autumn.

  • 2011-09-11: NEW WEBSITE

    Today's hot news is that I have a brand new website - but I think you know that already!

    Thanks to Adam for all his hard work and creative spirit, and thanks to you for dropping by: have a look and a listen, feel free to offer any feedback, and bookmark the site and pop back soon if you'd like to keep an eye on my giglist or latest news.

    iolo. :-)